Affordable oxygen cylinder Provider in Bangladesh

Human life depends on oxygen. The use of oxygen cylinder in medical science at the present time cannot be explained. But we can say, it is more essential for us. Not only at the hospital but also we can use it at home if we know its proper use rules. So we need to know these rules. 

However, Oxygen cylinders are more important for many people and they are interested to know the price of Oxygen Cylinders in BD and which company offers the best Oxygen Cylinder at the best price. And so, we will let you know about all those best prices and the best brand oxygen cylinders.

You will be happy to know that it is great news that Dhaka Oxygen Agency provides you with the best Oxygen Cylinder at the best price with a free home delivery service for any emergency. You can reach us anytime at home or in the hospital in Dhaka for buying or renting.

Full Set of Oxygen Cylinder what we provide

  1. Oxygen cylinder
  2. Oxygen mask
  3. Nasal cannula &
  4. Axygen Trolly

Varieties of our oxygen cylinder and latest price of them in Bangladesh

We offer three types of oxygen cylinders at a reasonable price. These include:

  • Linde Oxygen Cylinder
  • Islam Oxygen Cylinder
  • China medical oxygen

Linde Oxygen Cylinder:


Compared to all other medical oxygen cylinder manufacturers, Linde Oxygen Cylinders are more frequently purchased in Bangladesh. As we can see, the Linde Oxygen Cylinder is a little more expensive than other Oxygen in Bangladesh. The price of oxygen cylinders always fluctuates. But the Linde Oxygen Cylinder’s price is always higher than what we said. However, the demand is still high. Oxygen products in Linde are of very high quality. The Linde Oxygen Cylinder never exploded (Source: Linde Bangladesh). Where we have seen a lot of oxygen cylinders explode in many companies and patients have passed away. If you need to know more about this product then you can see the details with updated price and offer. 

Islam Oxygen Cylinder


 Islam Oxygen Cylinder:  Oxygen is more essential for those who want this and we always importance your wants. So, we offer the best quality cylinder for selling or renting what you want. The high-quality Islam Oxygen Cylinder is available at the best price for any emergency. If you need to know more about this product then you can see the details with updated price and offer. 


Linde Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh



China medical oxygen:

China Medical Oxygen Cylinder is imported from China which is standard in both quality and price. Want to know more? Then contact us or check our product details for knowing more or order.

Oxygen cylinder refill/ rent price in BD

Weekly or day-wise Oxygen Cylinders are available at the most competitive price with our company. The price of oxygen cylinders always fluctuates, you know. For this, we don’t tell you the accurate rate for renting or refilling cylinder. That’s why we always tell you, contact us if you are interested in renting or knowing anything about oxygen cylinders.

Service Benefits with home delivery service

With our service, you can enjoy some incredible benefits. Among them are:

  • Affordable price
  • Free home delivery service
  • 1-hour delivery guarantee
  • We will set up the entire system & all systems will be taught
  •  Delivery at home or hospital where you want
  • Money and time-saving service

Speeches for your safety

We know the Oxygen Cylinder is a very important thing but accidental explosions can lead to death and other damage if adequate care is not taken while operating, storing or transporting oxygen cylinders or containers. Therefore, you have to follow certain rules when using it. Such as:

  • You should keep your cylinder on a cart or a stand.
  • Put your oxygen kit in a visible area where visitors can see the sign indicating oxygen usage.
  • Make sure that oxygen cylinders are always placed in well-ventilated areas, as it is normal for some of the oxygen to leak. 
  • Stay away from aerosol products, such as hair sprays or paints.
  • Place your oxygen tank(Cylinder) away from any heat source.
  • Do not burn tobacco or allow flames or sparks to appear in a room where oxygen will be used.
  • Avoid using oil-based lotions and creams on your nostrils or face.
  • Do not use petroleum-based products like Vaseline.
  • Consult your doctor to use it properly and follow all the rules.
  • Store extra cylinders next to them.

These are the primary rules for your safety. So, know more by consulting your doctor. Be careful and stay safe.