infrared blood circulation massager ab-753

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Infrared blood circulation massager in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Infrared Activating Blood Massage Apparatus The basic principle of the infra-red activating blood massage apparatus is to massage the reflection area of ​​the soles of the feet to achieve the effect of health preservation and health care. Best Blood Circulation Enhancer related basic knowledge•Blood circulation massager, Bangladesh infrared blood circulation massager, based on the magic spiral health model, designed to massage the reflex area of ​​the foot to improve health. • This product combines many theories through unique design and modern technology, such as: B. Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian, Bangladesh infrared massager, ergonomics, biomagnetism, bioholography, Qigong therapy, acupuncture and health care. • This device has a foot massage function.

Circulating massager in Bangladesh Using the mini massage board, you can sit and stand comfortably. Single-speed high-frequency vibration is easy to use. Product Efficacy: • Regulate meridians, soften qi and blood, supply oxygen, detoxify, and prolong life. Clean blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and improve metabolism. • Strengthen internal functions; and improve digestion and absorption functions. • Activate cells and enhance immunity. Infrared blood circulation massager in Bangladesh. • Improve endocrine balance by stimulating and massaging acupoints. • Obesity • Respiratory diseases • Arthritis, back pain Sciatica, joint and muscle stiffness • Beautiful skin problems• Frozen shoulder, fatigue, numbness, etc. Product advantages: Qi is the ruler of blood, and Qi is the mother of Qi.

Qigong can make blood circulate normally,

And blood stagnation is caused by the stagnation of infrared blood circulation massager. The Bangladesh blood circulation massager basically uses clockwise high frequency spiral massage, combining foot meridian reflex and traditional Chinese medicine regimen to achieve blood circulation and bottom-up blood circulation. The infrared blood circulation massager in Bangladesh uses 15 minutes a day to obtain energy equivalent to 2 hours of exercise. Complete physical vibration will cause you to get the effect of motion when you are still. Note for Bangladesh’s infrared blood circulation massager. After using the device continuously for 30 minutes, rest at least 10 minutes to extend the service life of the device.Turn off the device and close the lid after use to avoid dust. It is recommended to keep the machine away from water. Keep the machine clean and dust-free to prevent all kinds of substances from entering the machine. And damage the rotation. Bangladesh Infrared Blood Circulation Massager Do not smoke or chew food when using this device.

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