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Linde Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh.

The price of Linde oxygen cylinder is 23,500/- taka in Dhaka, Bangladesh . Oxygen is a chemical element. The Linde Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh.  with an atomic number of 8. It belongs to the element chalcogen in the periodic table. Highly active non-metals and oxidants can easily form oxides with these elements. Bangladesh is the third largest element in theLinde Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh.  after hydrogen, helium and oxygen after the universe.

At standard temperature and pressure, the two atoms of the element combine to form oxygen. The empirical formula is the colorless and odorless diatomic gas of O2. The oxygen in diatomaceous earth currently accounts for 20.95% of the earth’s atmosphere, although this situation has changed significantly over a long period of time.Oxygen forms nearly half of the earth’s crust in the form of oxides. Linde Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh.

 Oxygen provides the energy released during the combustion of Dhaka and the combustion of aerobic cell respiration in Bangladesh . The classes in living organisms include oxygen atoms, such as proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and fats, and animals. The main component of inorganic compounds in mussels, teeth and bones. As part of Dhaka water in Bangladesh, the cost of oxygen cylinders is the main component of life forms.

The oxygen

Atmosphere in the earth’s atmosphere is constantly replenished through photosynthesis. It uses the energy of sunlight to produce oxygen from water and carbon dioxide. In living organisms, the chemical activity of oxygen is too great. Put the scattered items in the air instead of constantly replenishing them.Ozone (O3) is another form of oxygen (positive ions) that can strongly absorb UV-B radiation, while the high-altitude ozone layer can protect the biosphere from ultraviolet radiation.

However, the ozone present on the surface is a by-product of smog. Oxygen was separated by Michael Sendivogius before 1604, but it is generally believed that the element is usually discovered independently by Karl Wilhelm Scheele of Uppsala, Linde Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh.  and Joseph Priestley of Wiltshire in 1774 or Priestley Priority. . Your work will be published first. Define it as a chemical element.

The name oxygen was created in 1777 by Antoine Lavoisier, who was the first person to correctly identify and characterize oxygen as a chemical element. Oxygen is steel, plastic and textiles. Linde Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh. , welding, welding and cutting of steel and other metals, rocket fuel, oxygen therapy and life support systems for airplanes, submarines, space travel and diving, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Hello and welcome

To science at 5am. Linde Oxygen Cylinder price in BD.  Visism Gupta-Smith and these are the WHO talks in science. Today we’re talking to Dr. Janet Diaz on COVID-19 and the medicine called oxygen that is important to your treatment. Welcome Janet. Dr. Janet Diaz Hello Vismita, thank you for having me. Vismita Gupta-SmithJanet, Oxygen, is an essential drug for COVID-19. Linde Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh.

Please explain how and when it will be used for your treatment. Dr. Janet Diaz Well, that’s a great question, you know. Linde Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh. For some diseases, like COVID-19, what happens is when you contract a severe COVID. 19 the oxygen levels in the body can drop, so we need to administer medical oxygen to keep the oxygen levels in the normal range. When your oxygen levels are low due to a disease like COVID-19, the body’s cells do not have enough oxygen to perform their normal functions.

Every cell in the body needs oxygen for normal function. So when the oxygen level is low, when it is low for long periods of time, when left untreated, then the cells themselves no longer function well, then they stop working completely, and the cells can die.So what you can see is that the organs start, your organs once, your organs, you know, your brain, your heart, your lungs, your kidneys, they all need oxygen. In extreme cases, therefore, malfunctions can occur.


the life-saving treatment is medical oxygen. Medical oxygen therefore removes oxygen from the air and compresses it in such a way that the oxygen that you take in from a bottle, for example, consists in the fact that you are now breathing almost pure oxygen. And that’s what we give to patients to keep the oxygen levels in the body at normal levels. Vismita Gupta-SmithJanet, why is there such a shortage of medical Linde Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh. in some countries?

Dr. Janet DiazMedical needs oxygen technology. Linde Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh. .It means that you need to be able to get oxygen from the air because we have oxygen in the air, about 21% of the air is oxygen, but we need to concentrate it into medical Linde Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh. and that requires technology. One problem in some countries, the other challenge is medical oxygen distribution. One concentrates the oxygen and supplies it to a hospital or region, the other distributes it.

The oxygen you have supplied, the oxygen you produce, can reach patients. Linde Oxygen Cylinder price in Bangladesh. I think the third challenge is knowing how to use medical oxygen, that is, keeping the technology in good working order, repairing any broken parts, and making sure the lines are functional.Vismita Gupta-SmithJanet, tell us what the WHO and governments are doing to address this issue. Janet Diaz WHO has been calling its partners in the biomedical consortium since the beginning of the pandemic.

Linde oxygen cylinder price in Bangladesh

WHO has provided medical equipment worth over US $ 60 million, including oxygen-related equipment, to 122 countries. At the same time, this number with all its partners, so that several agencies are involved, has grown to 226 million and supplies more than 148 countries. Linde oxygen cylinders price in BD.

I think that one of the most important tasks, in addition to that led by WHO, is to provide technical advice and technical support to countries so that they can do their own assessments of their oxygen systems in the country Countries take the lead and know where their gaps are. Do you have enough oxygen in your country?What are the distribution systems for a gap analysis? We want to invest more in oxygen, which means that expansion plans will be funded and not just for COVID-19, the price of the Linde oxygen cylinder in Bangladesh.

But these things remain and will be sustained after the pandemic to strengthen the health system in general. Oxygen saves lives, not just in severe COVID-19. It is a lifesaver for this condition, but it also saves lives for many. Other conditions and with them the investment in oxygen go far. Vismita Gupta-Smith Thank you, Janet. That was science today on the 5th until the next time. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stick to science.

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