Owgels OZ-5-01TW0 5L/min 24 Hours Oxygen Concentrator

Price:৳ 35,500.00 ৳ 35,000.00
Weight 17.5kg
Flow rate 0~5LPM
Purity >93%



External Dimension 340X300X650mm.
Average Sound Pressure Level ≤50dB (A).
Oxygen Pressure 30-60kpa.
Oxygen Flow 5L/ min±10%
Oxygen Concentration ≥90%.
Imported Originals German oil-free compressor
Efficient Oxygen Production Flow rate of 5L/min
Stable Oxygen Supply Continue to produce oxygen for 24 hours
Intelligent Alarm  AB-level intelligent alarm system
Atomization Function fine atomization and effective treatment.
Patent Protection 8 EU-certified patented technologies, authoritative and reliable.
Product Type  Ready Stock Oxygen Concentrator.


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