Yuwell suction machine

Price:৳ 22,000.00 ৳ 19,990.00


Yuwell suction machine price in Bangladesh

What is a water suction machine? The price of a yuwell suction machine 19,999/- taka in Bangladesh is a medical device that is mainly used to remove obstacles such as mucus, saliva, blood or secretions in the human respiratory tract. When a person is unable to clear secretions due to unconsciousness or ongoing medical procedures (the Yuwell suction machine price in Bangladesh), the pump can help them breathe while keeping the airway partially or completely blocked. Some common uses include removing respiratory secretions when the patient is unable to help the patient who vomits or faints during a seizure. Remove blood from the airway. Remove foreign bodies from the patient’s trachea and/or lungs (pulmonary aspiration). Because they can be used with other drugs.

With modern technology used to treat many life-threatening diseases, inhalers have become the mainstream in pre-clinical and hospital settings. In view of its universality and the price of Yuwell pumps, there are often questions about their use and functions in Yuwell suction machine price in Bangladesh. Pierre Karl Eduard Poten, the historical cardiologist of aspirators, introduced the first traditional aspirator in 1869. His aspirator is a handheld device that uses a pump to drain abscesses and accumulate fluid in the pleural cavity to prevent heart failure.The Yuwell suction machine price in Bangladesh With the popularity and reliability of electricity, air extractors have been switched from handheld devices to electrical devices.


it was not until the late 1970s that vacuum cleaners became very large and were often permanently fixed to the wall. Different types of vacuum cleaners have been invented. Currently, hospitals and patients can use or lease various types of suction equipment. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner-Handheld vacuum cleaner consumes no electricity and can be as simple as a portable light bulb that drains mucus from a child’s nasal cavity. The Yuwell suction machine price in Bangladesh is often used in emergency situations because it does not require electricity to operate, and is usually small and easy to carry. However, it is difficult to continuously and effectively use the manual suction device for a long time.

Stationary vacuum cleaners-Stationary vacuum cleaners have been the most common machines for decades because they are reliable. The lack of portability makes people have many shortcomings: patients cannot use fixed aspirators for treatment during transportation, and can only provide emergency services within the four walls of the hospital.Portable vacuum cleaner. Due to advances in vacuum cleaner and battery technology, portable vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular. Bangladesh’s Yuwell Aspirator Award Portable Aspirator is lightweight, easy to move or transport, and is ideal for patients and healthcare professionals.


fixed and portable suction devices have entered today’s nursing environment. The Yuwell suction machine price in Bangladesh. Everyone has their own strengths. Medical staff can use different types of suction machines at different stages of treatment. Used for aspiration machine When a patient’s pharynx, trachea or other oral cavity is blocked by liquid or semi-solid, a suction machine is usually used. However, the ideal suction device may vary according to the patient’s condition. Or professionals can use a portable suction machine. When you can’t remove your own secretions due to various reasons, it is suitable for vacuum cleaners in your home.

The Yuwell suction machine price in Bangladesh includes patients receiving palliative care, those who find that their secretions are difficult or impossible to clear, those with chronic diseases (COPD, ALS, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, etc.), or those who have received clinical treatment Patients with pre-tracheotomy are common in the pre-clinical stage because they play a key role in the creation of ABC (breathing, respiration and circulation) ABC in the emergency department. They often use portable suction machines to treat a variety of patients. This includes victims with blood trauma in the airway, victims with excessive vomiting in the airway, and other victims with shortness of breath. Wall-mounted inpatient aspirator care teams often use inpatient aspirators as part of standard procedures, such as tracheotomy.

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