Yuwell YU500 Homecare Oxygen Concentrator

Price:৳ 23,200.00 ৳ 23,000.00
Power 135VA
Oxygen flow rate 1~5L/min
Main raw material UOP molecular sieve


Noise 43dB (A) front, 46dB (A) for the whole machine
Net weight 6.5kg
Dimensions 31.7*19*37.2cm
Input Power 100V
Oxygen flow rate 1-5L/min
Operation noise level 43dB(A)

White-collar women: Skincare, Skin nutrition, and elasticity maintenance, Reduction of sub-health status.

Pregnant women: Helpful to fetus development.

Businessman: Relaxing physical and mental tension, Improving physical ability, Reducing sub-health status, and improving work efficiency.

Students: Improving remembrance and reducing mental fatigue.

Plateau tourism lovers: Reducing the symptoms of hypoxia on plateau.

Note: This product is not intended for medical use.

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